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Law Firm Marketing & SEO for Lawyers

Law Firm Marketing, SEO for Lawyers

For law firms aiming to boost revenue and build a local clientele base, local SEO can be customised and integrated into their marketing strategy. Here are a few strategies and recommendations to help your business gain your share of the local market with online marketing.

In this article, we will discover how law firms can acquire, qualify and retain clients with search engine traffic efficiently and affordably.

But first, let us clarify what SEO stands for — Search Engine Optimisation. The effectiveness of an optimised law firm website will naturally generate and convert new clients through lead traffic on search engines. This article will help you get started if you’re new to SEO. It will help you turn things around if you are experiencing some challenge and position you to do much more if you master the skills.

What legal marketing trends should law firms and lawyers look out for in 2021and how would these trends be best integrated into a content strategy for your practice?

Here are some foreseeable trends and our recommendations on how law firm SEO can best optimize their legal marketing for 2021

Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

Google tends to favour companies who use their products. Updating your Google company business profile consequently gets their interest and lets you rank higher on map search and local queries.

The Google My Business profile for your law firm is simple and intuitive to set up. Just fill it out entirely with all related information about fields of specialization, location, contact details, and schedules after you have confirmed that you own the company listing.

The Dashboard shares updates and related information and invites former customers to leave comments and feedback.

Ask for feedback online & referrals

Word – of – mouth was and still is a major marketing tool but online client reviews are proving just as useful in this technological age.

In actuality, 85 per cent of those searching for a local law firm are estimated to trust the ratings posted by previous clients. Posting constructive reviews not only serves to attract Google to your listing but also improves your credibility in the local market.

Voice Search Optimization

The use of voice commands to conduct searches online is an evolving marketing trend in Law Firm SEO. Today, people will give their phones, home assistant gadgets, and even their personal computers a voice order. Search engines can pick up realistic information, clearly address the question, and be succinct enough to read it out aloud.

When using voice search, people prefer to ask multiple questions instead of typing out what they are searching for. Therefore, the more you prepare these questions, the sooner they can get the answer they are looking for.

When creating content, take this into account. Using keywords or phrases that describe normal interactions to produce content that is to the point where search engines discover up the material for voice queries such as “are there any law firms within a 1-mile radius of my home for personal injury?” or “is the law chambers of Williams and Co. open after 5 pm?”

Local Convergent Content creation

Google favours websites that frequently publish related content that is specific to their locality. The more you produce material that is locally optimised to your website, the more often you can appear in local SEO results. A blog is a perfect place for your online presence to incorporate weekly content.

Aim to provide content on local information and trends in order to dominate your local market.

Many law firms create a blog to represent the groups they serve. For instance, those seeking an attorney in the Caribbean will likely find your website in this way as would someone seeking an attorney in St. Vincent or Barbados.

Website Optimization for Mobile

While few law firms have built their sites to be responsive on phones and tablets to show, there are still plenty that has not.

That being said, as fewer people use a laptop computer to access what they need, the number of individuals using a phone for all of their online surfing is increasing exponentially.

Of those users who find the local content they need on their phone, 75 per cent of them can either call or visit the area within 24 hours, which is even more motivating. Your law firm should be inspired by those statistics alone to optimize in 2021.

Consumers are increasingly searching for content, knowledge, and highly localized services, although it was appropriate to cover a broad problem in the past.

Paid Ads for Performance

In terms of how we service lawyers, PPC (pay per click) marketing companies are investing in advertisement. Some law firms are switching from pay per click to pay per performance with competitive criminal law and personal injury keywords that command costs per click of up to $150. Attorneys should expect to pay only for eligible leads rather than pay for clicks.

This strategy will let lawyers form a fixed advertisement rate and focus on a constant inflow of prospective clients.

Awareness of Community and educational information

When it comes to marketing, lawyers have historically been contractual. Potential clients have been connected with attorneys through legal references, advertisements, and traditional media. Nevertheless, times are changing when it comes to advertising a law firm. Efficient firms rely on building awareness of the community with informational content published on their website.

For instance, it can help inform a client who was just struck by someone without car insurance to cover a claim by providing useful and authoritative content about a subject such as “underinsured motorist coverage.” Lawyers can easily build community recognition about their profession by producing educational information.

Screened + Guaranteed Program by Google

The Google Screened Program was recently made open to law firms and experts in financial management. Google Screened’s aim is to help create trust in local listings of services. Google will add a “verified” symbol (similar to Twitter’s verified accounts) to a local Google My Business listing if a law firm goes through a comprehensive history and licensing checks. Google Screened will help generate local listing awareness and pave the way for Google’s Guarantee program entry into Local Services Advertising. Check your availability on Google’s signup page to get started.

SEO services for Law Firm or Lawyers are going to be more advanced and harder

With Google and Bing implementing very clever algorithms, search engines have become more and more advanced in the last few years. In 2021, the legal niche will be more competitive, especially because more law firms will work remotely. Customers would also rely on the findings of search engines to locate law firms to represent them.

To be on the first list of search engines, law firms will have to perform better in 2021. They will have to create useful content and they will have to spend a lot of money on advertising. Engaging an accomplished SEO expert’s services will help law firms improve their 2021 marketing campaigns.

“Low Bono” Niche Market Strategy

The market for “low bono” is growing. People who are willing to pay anything, but are unwilling to pay a ton. Individuals also stop going to lawyers because they feel they just can’t afford it without even understanding the cost. Affordable marketing services bring customers in the chambers. It allows the legal client to conduct basic tasks and presents the law firm with a connection down the line for broader needs.

Content which leads customers to your website

Any time fast, the content industry is not going to fade out. This is what law firms should give first preference to in 2021, premium information that includes go-to details and ultimate legal guides. Make the platform a one-stop platform with optimized SEO content.

It will allow a business to remain essential and efficient, particularly in this COVID-19 period, where future clients spend the majority their time looking for information online.

Forgoing Billboards

There are millions of fewer employees travelling annually with a radical shift to working remotely. This move suggests that conventional legal advertising, such as billboards and radio ads, would be less successful. Therefore, it is advisable for law firms to completely go digital instead, where you can switch your budget to places such as SEO, PPC advertising, and the like.

Explanation of Related and Relative questions

In 2021, a number of firms will be returning from the 2020 lockdowns and quarantines. Many of these firms would need assistance in handling the possible morass of liability that is reopening whilst the reality of a pandemic is still fresh in the collective minds and lives.

Does this render anyone accountable for their medical expenses if anyone can show they were exposed to the virus whilst in your store? Is enforcing CDC regulations appropriate, constitutionally, to protect you? There are questions about which organizations are going to want answers. You’ll be giving them what they want if you market with this in mind.

In efforts to obtain some of your local market shares, implementing these simple steps positions your law firm in a strategic position. Contact Upscore Marketing today whether you need assistance or are trying to move your digital marketing to a greater extent.

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